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Celtic Medieval Keepsake Box

Celtic Medieval Keepsake Box

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Taken from the hoard of "Irinna the Wise", this Cigar Box is the best place to hide your treasures! It can hold anything- from your DnD dice and Figurines to magick cards and chocolates! It is rumored that Irinna has trapped a real dragon in the covers, thus this one is known as one of "Irinna's Dragons"!

  • Box Size: 20.3 x 21 x 4.5 cm (7.99" x 8.26" x 1.77")
  • Material: Pine Wood

It is a unique gift as it is or even as a box for your actual gift. It can hold anything, from your RPG dice set to chocolates. It can serve as a jewelry box, a letter box, a trinket case, or a prop for your LARP wizard - perfect and artistic storage for your bits and pieces.

Inspiration: Irinna was a young, very talented witch - and also my daughter! She was a natural storyteller, magic scholar, and fantasy lover. She was known for her detailed journals, her stories, and her great affinity for dragons! At the age of 14, she crossed the bridge and hopefully moved to one of her own worlds. I am sure that she is now riding her dragon, casting her spells on all who deserve her wrath, and helping everyone who needs help! This dragon was the cover of one of her journals. I am sure that she appreciates, having her own Dragon Line, made by her Mom.

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