Fill your Paper with the Breathings of your Heart

I believe the most important milestone in human history is the written word. 

It is amazing to consider, all these stories we know, because somebody, at some point, put in the effort to record it. In this cyber world, I am a lover of the plain old paper. Paper preserves everything - from art to grandmas cooking recipes. It maintains its space in the world and it is never lost somewhere in the "cloud".

All of us have a story to tell. We may ride different vessels - words, paints, drawings etc- but our stories are there and crave to be told and be preserved for the future generations. This is the reason I make journals. Each book I make, is a child of mine . With its name, its unique character, its own wills and won'ts. I pride that I make journals with "personality".

  • “The workmanship is superb...the way the pages are cut, the stitching, the cover!Holding it inspires me to create."

    — Nancy Harper, Etsy

  • "This journal is adorable! I love the small size but also the quality. I’ll use it for watercolors..."

    — 22catscrossing, Etsy

  • “Beautiful quality journal, expertly hand made. Love how thick the paper is in this journal."

    — Pam Blood, Etsy

Beautiful, inside and outside.

The inside pages are hand decorated and stained by Myrto and are awesome and ready to add photos and journaling.
I have found that she has the best paper for different mediums, her work is perfection
and always I am surprised how much better it looks when I hold it in my hands.

— Laura Pitzer