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Handmade Journal/Diary - The Lady and the Deer

Handmade Journal/Diary - The Lady and the Deer

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Size: 13.1 x 17.5cm (5.15" x 6.89")

No of pages: 112

Paper: 240 gsm vintage cream organic cardstock and mixed paper


  • It comes with its own bag, to be stored safely and/or be nicely presented as a gift.
  • All my journals come with a certification of authenticity.

This junk journal book is completely handmade and decorated by me. It can serve as a diary or guest book, a notebook to document your life, your wedding, and your travels. You can use it as a photo album or a scrapbook, to create a unique heirloom for you and your family.

Every story counts. Your story counts the most. Every little detail is important because YOU are the sum of these details. A journal does not need to be an old-fashioned diary, where you just write about your day. It could be something alive, complete with photos, ephemera, memorabilia, and of course your own personal signature: your dreams, your thoughts, the silly thing your child said, a little cartoon you have drawn.... everything that freezes the specific moment in eternity. I am keeping journals since I was a child and they are my legacy to this world. When I open one of them, I instantly go back in time and re-live the specific moment. I have recorded my dreams, my ideas, things - small and large - that were happening in my life, and even little sketches and drawings, along with ephemera to support my story. My daughter, met her great grandparents through my journals, and I am keeping her memory and my dad's alive from their own journals. I can see how much the world has changed since I was a kid, how my dreams evolved but also the specific moment that needs a trigger, like the disappointment that my daughter had in a Christmas play, with her plain angel dress! I have many photos of her with the dress in the family album, and she is gorgeous, but only when reading my journal of this Christmas, did I remember that she did not like it because she believed that angels should have princess' dresses!

This is a special book that will inspire you to tell your story. It has 112 pages - some printed with vintage designs, and the rest hand-stamped, painted, distressed, and decorated by me. All pages are of high-quality recycled paper of 240 gsm, in a vintage cream tone, acid-free, chlorine-free, and suitable for photos.

The covers have many layers of specialty mediums, patinas, and paints to achieve their texture and worn look. The focal point is a combination of metal elements and a renaissance-type cameo, which gave the book its name: "The Lady and the Deer".

The finish has been made with several layers of ecological varnishes, to protect the artwork and ensure the vitality of colors for many years to come. It is bound using strong 3-ply Crawford's Irish linen thread in Lilac. The spine is decorated with a charm with a volcano bead and a rose on a chain. it closes with a hand-dyed ribbon and a bead is keeping the page mark in place. It is a perfect gift for a new couple to document the wedding and common life. It can also serve as a guest book or be used as your memoir, a diary, a photo album, or a special heirloom journal, where you will tell the story of your life for generations to come. It is a unique and special book.



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