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Children Art Journaling Box Kit - Crossroads

Children Art Journaling Box Kit - Crossroads

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An art journaling kit designed to help your kid express herself no matter what the preferred form of expression is (writing, drawing, sketching, collage, etc). Depending on your child's age, the kit comes jam-packed with craft supplies like stickers, washi tape, die-cuts, stencils, glitter, pens, scrapbooking and craft paper, and a personalized journal (8" x6") with a variety of artist-quality papers and some prompt pages, that will help the child overcome the "empty page" syndrome.

The journal has 60 pages (counting both sides) and each child develops it according to their personality. Some use it as a scrapbook, a travel diary, a sketchbook, a storybook, or all of them together as the journal has specialized paper for many activities. There is also a pocket on the back cover so that the child can store ephemera along with the journal.

The kit comes in a sturdy kraft storage box (easily carried in a child's backpack), so that all supplies can be stored safely before and after use. It is also great for a travel journal kit, for homeschooling art activities or to keep the child occupied constructively when going out.

Please fill in the child's name and age in the personalization box. Also, please note if the child is left-handed so I can place the wire spiral on the appropriate side of the book. No two kits are the same, as the contents depend on the age of the kid.

𝐌𝐲 𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: For a long time, I wanted to make journals for kids. I've talked with kids (6-16 years old) asking them about their dream journal, with their teachers, and even with psychologists, until coming up with this art journaling kit. I found out that the products that the big companies intend for kids are usually low-cost products, because "kids are just kids". Concerning art, however, I know that cheap paper gives poor results. Cheap markers do not blend, and cheap acrylics do not have enough pigment. When a kid uses such materials, the only feedback he gets is the " I am not good enough". This is the reason why I've never bought my daughter "art supplies for kids". The worse quality she ever used, was the student's grade. As a result, she became confident with her art and loves what she makes.

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