My Summer Place

My Summer Place

My studio is spacious, happy and has a lot of natural light. It is my happy place, and I am almost living there entirely. I go home late at night, only to get some sleep and as soon as I wake up in the morning, I am off to the studio again. I love it. I am an artist, and the studio atmosphere is my natural environment!

But it has a major, major drawback, that I hope to solve some day. It is in one of the most overpopulated cities in Greece: Athens! Traffic, noise, fog - you name every big city disaster you may think of, and it is there! Just outside my studio!

During summer I try to relocate, to the summer “house” we rent the last couple of years. It is only a room, but it is beautiful, with amazing view, and it feels like home! It is in a small fishing village, with no more than 200 people, so no traffic, no pollution, no noise - only smiles, bird songs and children playing around.


I would never exchange this peaceful place for any city comfort. It calms my mind and replenish my creative juices. I would love to have a bigger studio here and it is one of my future plans.

Believe it or not, there are many artists here. People who got tired of the big cities and decided to change their lives, pursue their arts and live in a village!

Many cultural events are organized during the summer months and as the village is fairly new, people have CHOSEN to live here, so they just love the place and take good care of it.

Just look at the view from my window and tell me if I am wrong! What journals one would make with this view??? Travel journals of course!!!!

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