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Dot Grid Field Note Insert, Pen friendly Travelers Notebook Refill, Smooth Rhodia Paper, Bujo Planner, TN Journal, Tiny notebook Gift

Dot Grid Field Note Insert, Pen friendly Travelers Notebook Refill, Smooth Rhodia Paper, Bujo Planner, TN Journal, Tiny notebook Gift

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šŸ‘‰ šš«šØšš®šœš­ šˆš§šŸšØ Size: 12.9 x 9 cm (5.07" x 3.54") Paper: Rhodia Clairefontaine 80 g Surperfine Vellum - Dotted Pages: 36 (counting both sides) Ideal with :Pen & ink, gel pens, fountain pen, mechanical pencil, airbrush, markers Fits in: All Field Note Systems. Can be used as a stand alone journal **** All my Pocket Notebooks ship flat rate. Why don't you choose more than one? Explore my collection here **** It has 36 pages (counting both sides) of Rhodia Clairefontaine 80 g Surperfine Vellum. Rhodia's dot matrix provides the freedom of blank paper with the guidelines of grid paper without the obstructions of lined paper. The best of all words for an alternative to lines and squares. The dot matrix has grey geometric dots spaced 5mm apart to provides a subtle guide for notes and sketches. The dots are invisible when xeroxed or scanned. This paper is great for ink and pen and ideal for fountain pen. š€š›šØš®š­ š­š”šž š©ššš©šžš«: Rhodia paper is acid-Free and pH-Neutral. Acid-free paper lasts longer and allows your artwork to keep its true colors for a long time. Rhodia paper is fountain pen friendly. It facilitates a fast drying time, feels smooth, is bright, and generally resists bleed through and show through. Drying time is important since fountain pen ink may smear if it does not absorb into the paper fast enough. Brightness is also a highly desired quality for fountain pen inks since bright paper will contrast with different color inks. Rhodia paper is PEFC-Certified. The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an NGO that promotes sustainable forest management. ****The listing is only for the journal. Any other items you see at the photos are for decoration only**** šŸ‘‰ š–š”šžš§ šœššš§ šˆ šžš±š©šžšœš­ š¦š² šØš«ššžš«? šŸššš’š­ššš§šššš«š š—¦š—µš—¶š—½š—½š—¶š—»š—“ Due to the pandemic there are huge delays in worldwide deliveries. I cannot give you an estimate of when your order will arrive with National Post, because there are constant changes in countries that enter or exit lock down, flight bans and border restrictions. šŸš€š—™š—®š˜€š˜ š—¦š—µš—¶š—½š—½š—¶š—»š—“ If you need your order within a week, please choose a shipping upgrade and then choose the DHL/Fedex option that corresdponds to your part of the world. Don't forget to write your telephone number for the delivery, at the comment box of your order. During the current crisis, please note that European post may š§šØš­ deliver in some countries. The list changes daily, as new countries enter or exit lock-down or impose epidemic-related restrictions. When in doubt, please message me.



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