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Journal Bookbinding Kit - Western / Case Binding, Intermediate

Journal Bookbinding Kit - Western / Case Binding, Intermediate

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This is a complete bookbinding kit. When you buy this, you will make your own professional book in no time! The kit contains full instructions for binding your own book, for yourself, or for a gift. Your book will be A5 size (14.8x 21 cm - 5.83" x 8.27") and it will be great for a photo album, a journal, a guest album, a diary, or even a gift to a loved one.

The kit contains :

  • Instructions of compilation for western bookbinding (English)
  • 2 greyboard for the covers
  • 1 book spine
  • 220 gsm watercolor paper (15 sheets = book of 60 pages or 30 sheets= book of 120 pages ) or 180 gsm unlined writing paper (20 sheets = book of 80 pages or 40 sheets = book of 160 pages ), creased and ready for binding (please choose)
  • one piece of book backing material
  • Specialized book man-made leather (please choose color)
  • 100% waxed linen Irish thread for the binding
  • 2 pieces of tail backing
  • 2 pieces of endpapers ( parchment)
  • 30 ml of bookbinding glue
  • Foam Brush 1" for spreading the glue
  • Bookbinding Needle

📌 If you want to bind your book with more pages, please buy this add-on.


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