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Spellbook - Eternal Life, 144 pages

Spellbook - Eternal Life, 144 pages

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  • Name: Spellbook of Eternal life
  • No of pages: 144
  • Paper: Mixed papers
  • Size: 18 x 25cm (7.08" x 9.84")

"We believe that this Journal was made as a gift to an arch-wizard in Thera, from the Bookbinders Guild of that city. Inside, the mage kept his notes for his magical and alchemical experiments, for many years. However, a few years before "The Scourge", the wizard's trace was lost, after undertaking a special journey to Barsaive. Many centuries later, the journal was found inside a sealed Kaer, by a party of young adventurers. It was then surrendered to this library and is one of our most treasured possessions." Kricklas - Chief Librarian of the Library of Throal

This journal was inspired by a Roleplaying Game, Earthdawn. It is the journal of a wizard, its name is "Spellbook of Eternal life" and is part of my "Time Series". The artwork on the covers gives the impression of a worn book that has seen better and more luxurious times. The focal point is an old Celtic Symbol. The finish has been made with several layers of ecological varnishes, to protect the artwork and ensure the vitality of colors for many years to come. The spine is a very soft golden man-made leather, treated with patinas to achieve a worn look. It is bound using strong 3-ply Crawford's Irish linen thread.

This book contains 144 pages (counting both sides), hand stamped, inked, distressed, and decorated by me. The plain pages are of high-quality recycled paper of 240gsm, in a very beautiful creamy tone, that makes it look old. It is also acid-free, chlorine-free, and suitable for photos. Its size is 18 x 25cm (7.08" x 9.84").

It is a perfect gift for journalers, magic and fantasy lovers, RPG and LARP players, writers, and people who love special books and a bit of magic in their lives. It comes with its own bag, to be stored safely and/or be nicely presented as a gift. 

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